September 19 to September 24

2nd Annual PEI Neighbour Week

A weeklong celebration of community, highlighting the importance of social connection, and encouraging people to connect with their neighbours.

Share your Good Neighbour Stories on Facebook using the hashtag #PEIGoodNeighbours

A week of neighbourly encouragement sounds fun to you, and you want to get in the spirit, but you don’t know how?

What about:

  • doing something neighbourly?
  • sharing a neighbourly story?
  • hosting or attending a neighbourhood event?

The PEI Community Navigators have compiled a list of ideas that can be used or added to. You can download them here.

Would you like to have a discussion with your children about being neighbourly? They have also created a coloring page for children. It would be a great opener for having a family bonding & brainstorming session. Children are wonderfully imaginative and creative. Hearing their ideas will prove to be very rewarding (and hopefully shareable…hint, hint).

You can get your free copy of the printable coloring page here. 

Do you have a neighbour that you’ve always wanted to meet, but never had the chance? The PEI Community Navigators have also provided us with a “Hello Neighbour” mailbox connection card. Feel free to print it off here as many times as you want, but be mindful of others privacy and wishes. Do not ‘spam’ send them to others (that wouldn’t be very neighbourly).

We, and the PEI Community Navigators, would love to hear your ideas, plans, and stories about the upcoming week. Feel free to share them on social media and get the neighbourly conversation started!

PEI Community Navigators Facebook

The Rural Municipality of Morell’s Facebook

We look forward to hearing from you, our friendly, neighbours! 

The poster for the upcoming PEI Community Navigators' second annual, "PEI Neighbour Week"

History Fact

The first Co-Op store opened in Morell in 1939, and the manager was Frank Dunn.

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