Stay Informed, Stay Safe: Your Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Heavy rain, sustained winds, storm surge, flooding, and power outages are all things that can be expected during a hurricane or winter storm.

The Provincial Emergency Management Organization (EMO) wants to remind everyone to be prepared, and the best response to these events is proper emergency planning.

Helpful reminders when planning for an emergency include:

  • making a household emergency plan to help everyone know what to do in case of emergency;
  • updating your preparedness kits, including extra food, pet supplies, water, masks and hygiene products;
  • bringing in or tying down furniture, play equipment, barbeques or anything that can become projectiles in the event of high winds;
  • ensuring you have fuel for generators and vehicles, as well as propane for outdoor cooking devices such as barbeques;
  • replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms; and
  • keeping up with the latest information from reliable sources such as following PEI Government, local media, and law enforcement social media channels.

For more information, visit: How to be Prepared for an Emergency.

Morell`s Municipal Emergency Management Program

As mandated by the Municipal Government Act all municipalities are to have an approved Municipal Emergency Management Program in place. The Rural Municipality of Morell has had theirs developed and in place since 2021.

This program includes:

  • A copy of the Municipal By-law
  • The Municipal Emergency Management Plan
  • A Delegation of Authority
  • Plans for training and exercising
  • Any other component required by the PEI Emergency Measures Organization (EMO), i.e. Hazard, Risk Analysis.

History Fact

A devastating fire led to the destruction of the Morell Creamery in September 1963.

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