Name of BylawBylaw NumberBylawEffective DateDate Amended
Code of Conduct2018-01In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Conflict of Interest Members of Council2018-02In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Procedural Bylaw2018-03In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Fees Bylaw2018-04In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Grants Bylaw2018-05In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Tax Rate Group Bylaw2018-06In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Remuneration Bylaw2018-07In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
General Borrowing Bylaw2018-08In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Election Bylaw2018-09In Full-Printable-Link2018-NA-
Emergency Management Bylaw2019-10In Full-Printable-Link2019-NA-
Manage & Dispose of Records Bylaw2020-11In Full-Printable-Link2020-NA-
Access to Information & Protection2020-12In Full-Printable-Link2020-NA-
Highway Vehicle Bylaw2020-13In Full-Printable-Link2020-NA-
Dangerous, Hazardous & Unsightly2020-14In Full-Printable-Link2020-NA-
Animal Control Bylaw2020-15In Full-Printable-Link2020-NA-
Sewer Utility2021-16In Full-Printable-Link2021-NA-
Last Updated December 2022

History Fact

In 1928, Morell's increasing population led to the creation of a mission church. St. Lawrence Hall was moved into the village of Morell, and it was subsequently consecrated the Church of St. Teresa of the Little Flower.

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