May 26 to June 30

The Rural Beautification Societys 76th Annual Competition


The Rural Beautification Society is proud to present the launch of its’ 76th Annual Competition.


For 76 years the Rural Beautification Society has encouraged Rural Islanders to take pride in making our Island all the more beautiful because of their efforts. Over the years The Society has awarded over 10,000 entrants in up to 18 categories.


The Society believes that the competition is as relevant today as it was 76 years ago. The focus on our environment, mental health, organic produce, self-sufficiency, and pride of place has never been greater.


Gardening is an effective stress buster, providing excellent exercise and a connection to nature. It is a wonderfully productive hobby. From small to large gardens, new or mature, old and young, there is a competition for everyone and every skill set.


The Society also supports pride in Community by offering competition categories in Community Improvement, Community Flower Gardens and Rural Cemeteries, to name a few.


All Islanders are proud of the many Tourist Accommodations that make a stay on the Island so unforgettable. For this, there is a singular category. The First Prize winner will also receive special recognition from the Tourism Industry Association of PEI (TIAPEI).


The preservation of Island Farm Homes, improvements to non-Farm Homes, and New Home Completion help to keep our countryside beautiful. There is a competition for each of these.


With support from Island Waste Management, a competition is available for Reduce, Reuse and Repurpose. This is a wonderful way to avoid the landfill and to put your imagination to work!


            * $15,000 in prizes available
            * Contest is open to all Rural Residents on PEI
            * Contest closes June 30, 2023
            * Competition Books are available online at
               or at all Access PEI locations, Veseys Seeds, Kool Breeze Farm
            * Follow us on Facebook for updated locations


See the Competition Book for a full description of competitions, a list of our Sponsors, a Who’s Who of the Board of the Rural Beautification Society, and a full list of 2022 Winners!


Photo: From left to right: Yvon Arseneault (Judge), Sandy Gallant (Judge), Garth Davey (Kool Breeze Farm), Elaine Preston (Judge)

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Thomas McGrath, a decorated butter maker in Western Canada for many years, eventually established himself in Morell and went on to form the Morell Butter Factory in 1924.

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