December 20 to December 21

Up to Date Info on Walk-In Clinic for Wednesday December 21st

No updates have been made by Health PEI as of Dec 20th at 5:30pm regarding the Dec 21st clinic in Morell. The most up-to-date information, that we have, is that the clinic will still be open for Wednesday.

The Health PEI website has not shown any updates for the current week, but due to last minute changes in the past, please be sure to check their site for any late cancellations.

Clinic hours are 9am – 12pm.

A gentle reminder that shortages of staff and limitations of clinics are not the fault of any medical care staff that attend to these clinics. Please treat all staff and volunteers with respect.

History Fact

In 1928, Morell's increasing population led to the creation of a mission church. St. Lawrence Hall was moved into the village of Morell, and it was subsequently consecrated the Church of St. Teresa of the Little Flower.

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