We recommend reading and sharing the following message with your family, neighbours, and fellow community members. Let’s all do our part.

This past year, the Morell & Area Early Learning Center and the Morell Consolidated School have been the target of vandalism and theft. We certainly feel the school and playground are part of the community and have no issue when community members use the facilities after hours. We love to see young people being physically active and enjoying our equipment. However, we are disheartened when outdoor toys are broken, equipment is stolen, and users leave their cans, broken bottles, garbage and dog waste behind!

This breaks our hearts (and our bank accounts). Most recently, the daycare was vandalized for a third time so they were forced to purchase their own security cameras. The school’s set of hockey nets recently disappeared forcing us to buy two more nets this year at a cost of another $500.

We are encouraging MCS family and community members to use, but not abuse, our playgrounds. We have video surveillance covering some areas of the grounds but we would love to inform the community of the importance of working together to protect our school grounds. As a school, we try to educate our students in making good choices and we are hoping parents could share the same message with their children and the school community.

—Michaela Oliver, Principal of the Morell Consolidated School

History Fact

Started in 1945, the first community library in Morell operated out of private homes for the first 11 years of its existence.

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