Thank you to the residents who have contacted the municipality with the estimates of the tree loss on their properties due to Hurricane Fiona. Unfortunately, the available provincial reforestation assistance programs do not permit the municipality to represent the collective group of residents in order to meet the minimum property size criteria. However, below is a list of available programs, some suitable for smaller property owners. 

  1. Properties 4 acres or over: Forest Enhancement Program can provide you with forestry-related advice and financial assistance.
  2. Properties 2.5 acres and over: Hedgegrow Planting provides the planting of trees or shrubs to protect soil from wind and rain erosion, prevent runoff from entering streams and rivers, and create windbreaks for buildings and livestock. Conditions apply.
  3. No property size limit: Trees and Shrubs Program The Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division produced a wide variety of Acadian-Wabanaki Forest tree and shrub species at the J. Frank Gaudet Tree Nursery in Charlottetown. You can purchase these trees and shrubs at participating garden centres and nurseries across the Island after May 1st each year. For a list of participating Garden Centres, please visit
  4. No property size limit but not for individuals: The Greening Spaces Program is a tree planting program that was developed for local Island communities, schools, and volunteer interest groups.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 902.961.2900 or 

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